3 Ways to Install a Catalytic Converter on a Honda CR-V in 2019

Catalytic converters are a fantastic invention that improves the safety of our world. Although these gadgets are hidden from view, they are present in any gas-powered vehicle you can imagine. They are less harmful to the environment because they are tucked away in a car’s exhaust system and assist in cleaning up the hazardous emissions that emerge from the tailpipe. Because of this, countries have established regulations requiring the installation of catalytic converters in all cars by a specific date, usually when the vehicle is brand-new. On some models, you aren’t even allowed to sell it unless the dealership has installed a catalytic converter. If your Honda CR-V doesn’t already have a catalytic converter, this article will explain three ways to install one.

What is a catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter is a component found in a car’s exhaust system. The exhaust fumes are exposed to a variety of compounds as they enter the converter. The converter’s components “clean up” the gases as they move through a succession of chambers. The catalytic converter aids in this process by using heat from the engine. The converter is extremely warm on the interior and outside, reaching temperatures of more than 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. The titanium honeycomb ceramic material that makes up the converter’s exterior wall is engineered to endure extreme temperatures. A catalytic converter typically lasts for the duration of a car’s lifetime or roughly 200,000 kilometers.

How to install a catalytic converter on a CR-V

You might be able to install a catalytic converter yourself if your automobile didn’t come with one already installed. In general, you should always hire a pro to install the converter. But if you’re actually searching for a DIY project, this is how you would approach it. To install the catalytic converter onto the CR-V, you must first remove it from the exhaust pipe. When doing this, make careful to wear steel-toed footwear and a pair of heavy-duty gloves because the converter’s inside will be very warm. After removing the old converter, you should clamp the new converter to the exhaust pipe of the CR-V. Once the converter is installed, make sure to check

Install a CR-V Converter through the Existing Pipe

If your CR-V already has an exhaust system, you should likely install a converter through the already-existing pipe. There are a few different methods for doing this. One approach is to put the converter immediately before the exhaust pipe. To make sure everything fits properly if you put the converter directly before the muffler, you’ll need to utilize an adaptor. This method of installing a converter on a car is common because it keeps the aesthetics of the existing exhaust system. You can select from a few other sorts of converters as well. Find a converter that is long enough to go inside the exhaust pipe before the muffler if you want to install the converter before the muffler.

Install a Direct Fit Converter

A direct-fit converter is the best option if you need to install a catalytic converter on a CR-V but don’t have an existing exhaust system. There are typically two different styles of these converters. The “slip-fit” converter is the initial design. The exhaust pipe of the CR-V is sealed to the converter using a rubber seal in this type of converter. The second type of converter is “clamp-fit.” These converters fasten the converter to the CR-exhaust V’s pipe using clamps.

Install an Aftermarket Catalytic Converter

You can always install a catalytic converter made for a different car if you don’t want to utilize one of the procedures covered above. Make sure it’s legal in your state first, though, before you do this. All states, with the exception of California, mandate that all vehicles have catalytic converters. In California, it is acceptable to drive without a catalytic converter. It’s crucial to confirm that installing an aftermarket converter is permitted in your jurisdiction because not all states have the same legislation.

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