Honda CR-V Catalytic Converter Protection

Honda CR-V catalytic converters are a prime target for thieves. They are a valuable piece of equipment and can be sold for a huge sum of money if the stolen converter is recovered. Moreover, Honda vehicles have high ground clearance, which makes it easy for thieves to steal the converter. In order to protect the converter from theft, Honda offers catalytic converter protection. The shields are made of 04 stainless steel and high-grade aluminum plating and are highly corrosion-resistant and hard to remove.


The CatClamp is a patented product created by American Welding Inc. It offers protection against unauthorized theft by encasing the catalytic converter in a hard-to-crack “cable cage” that is attachable to several points on the chassis.

An average catalytic converter thief needs thirty seconds and a battery-powered saw blade to cut through your car’s catalytic converter. And since a stolen catalytic converter can fetch hundreds to thousands of dollars, it’s a good idea to protect it with a CatClamp Catalytic Converter Lock.


MillerCat(r) honda crv caralytic converter protection is an excellent option to protect your CRV’s catalytic converter from the elements. The product is designed to keep your car’s exhaust cooler than the CRV’s normal operating temperature. This product will help protect your converter from damage caused by heat buildup and corrosion. It is available in aluminum and stainless steel and can be installed by certified automotive service technicians, including some Toyota dealers.

Because catalytic converters contain precious metals, they are prime targets for thieves. A stolen converter can result in an expensive repair bill. Fortunately, there are several ways to protect your converter from thieves. Installing a cat shield on your vehicle increases the chances of being caught and discouraging thieves from stealing your converter.


A Honda CRV owner may want to consider buying a CatStrap(r) for Catalytic Converter Protection. The CatStrap makes removing the catalytic converter much more difficult than it otherwise would be. The CatStrap is an orange material that encases the converter and runs the length of the exhaust. Its heat-activated adhesive strip prevents unauthorized removal. The CatStrap is also secured with exhaust clamps that help ensure a tight bond and increased attachment strength. It also features a bright orange surface. This makes removing the catalytic converter a difficult task for thieves and has been known to produce the “Just Go Away” warning message.

A Honda CRV has a catalytic converter built into its exhaust system. Without it, toxic fumes will enter the cabin and pollute the environment. Not having a cat converter means you may not be in compliance with emissions standards. Thieves also seek out the metals that are found in catalytic converters, so it’s a good idea to protect your vehicle by using a CatStrap(r) for Honda crv catalytic converter protection.

Etching your license plate number on your catalytic converter

Etching your license plate number on your Honda Crv’s catalytic converter protection can deter thieves and keep the converter in your vehicle. The plate will help police departments and other authorities identify the owner of the plate and keep the vehicle from being stolen. Some law enforcement agencies offer engraving events for free.

Using an etching pen, you can protect your converter from theft by leaving the license plate number visible. This type of identification is more likely to be visible than a traditional sticker. You can also choose to include the vehicle VIN number as well. However, it’s important to consider that theft of this type of vehicle is a serious problem.

Installing locks

The Honda CR-V is equipped with a catalytic converter, also known as a “cat”. This component of the exhaust system is highly valuable, as removing it can result in toxic fumes entering the cabin and polluting the environment. If the converter is not present, the car will not meet emissions standards. Additionally, thieves are attracted to the metals in catalytic converters, making them a valuable target. Fortunately, there are several products that can protect your catalytic converters, including Cat Security.

Fortunately, it is easy to protect your converter with locks. You can install a rebar cage around it yourself or have it installed by a muffler shop. However, it may cost several hundred dollars. You can also buy a lock for your converter that costs from $100 to $400 online. Most of the locks are simple to install, but you may need the assistance of a mechanic.

Parking in well-lit areas

One of the easiest ways to keep your Honda Crv’s catalytic converter safe from thieves is to park your vehicle in well-lit areas. You can also purchase an aftermarket device to keep thieves from removing your catalytic converter. Although this device can be expensive, it will make it much more difficult to steal your vehicle. If you live in an apartment building, you should consider parking in well-lit areas near roads that have lots of foot traffic.

The best Honda Crv catalytic converter protection methods are to park your car in well-lit areas and to lock up your vehicle in a garage. If possible, you should also install a security camera to monitor the area where you park your vehicle. Additionally, several companies have developed guards for your converter that make it hard for thieves to remove it. However, there have been no studies done to determine if these guards actually deter thieves from stealing your converter.

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